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Melmak fracture healing system  (Rental - $550 per month)                                            

The Melmak fracture healing system is a convenient, 20 minute per day, home-based treatment which improves the speed of healing of fresh fractures and non-unions. The Melmak Device delivers a low intensity pulsed ultrasound (LIPUS) to the fracture site. The low intensity pulsed ultrasound signal delivers an acoustic pressure wave to the fracture site. Melmak LIPUS Ultrasound has been especially designed for patient self-treatment. Once the ultrasound head has been strapped into position over the fracture site, simply press the on/off button to start the treatment. The Melmak fracture healing system may assist the healing of recent fractures and fractures that have been slow to heal.


*The Melmak fracture healing system should only be used as prescribed by a health professional.



  • Fresh bone fractures
  • Established non-unions*
  • Fractures involving internal fixation


*Excluding skull and vertebral column fractures

Product highlights

  • Multi-use device
  • Large LCD screen with 20 minute countdown
  • On screen compliance information