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Cosmetic, Maternity & Compression Garments

Annette Cosmetic & Compression Garments

Annette cosmetic, maternity and compression garments

Annette cosmetic, maternity and compression garments

Globally recognised, the Annette brand is the result of 35 years of hard work, passion and vision of a professional team committed to the development of intimate and medical products. Annette is currently used in over 30 countries world-wide and is now available in Australia.

Annette’s garment collection reflects the research and development of products addressing the needs of women going through different stages of recovery from medical procedures. Annette’s garments are designed and constructed with the highest standards of technology, innovation and quality for cosmetic and plastic surgery, breast reconstruction, augmentation, reduction, lift, mastectomy, maternity and post-pregnancy.

Medical Accessories of Australia is the Australian and Oceania Distributor for Annette Cosmetic, Maternity & Compression Garments.

For further information please call customer service on 1300 527 127.