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Made-to-Measure Caroskin Flat-Knit Stockings

Our products

Made-to-measure Caroskin flat-knit stockings

Made-to-measure Caroskin flat-knit stockings


Caroskin compression stockings are a high quality made to measure compression stocking. Using a flat knit technology with seam the Caroskin compression stockings sit smoothly on the skin. The unique Caroskin compression stocking design therefore exerts a flat uniform and constant pressure on the limb area to be treated, which is positively acting for the preventive treatment of oedema.


  • is a natural product
  • excels in high sweat absorption
  • increases wearing comfort

CAROSKIN™ compression stockings offer a unique choice of two finishes, available in beige or black color.

CAROSKIN™ COMFORT compression stockings.

The CAROSKIN™ COMFORT compression stockings are a high-quality print dress of the pressure class II, designed to significantly increase the patient’s comfort.

CAROSKIN™ STRONG compression stockings.

The CAROSKIN™ STRONG are compression stockings of a high-quality print clothing compression class II with a shorter stretch compared to CAROSKIN™ COMFORT compression stocking.