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ReadyWrap™ Lymphoedema Products

Solaris Medical Compression and Lymphoedema Products

ReadyWrap™ and Lymphoedema Products

Solaris ReadyWrap™ and Lymphoedema Products

*ReadyWrap™ and Lymphoedema Products *
ReadyWrap™ and Lyphmoedema products, aims to improve the quality of the patient’s life, developing products that don’t just solve the immediate problem; but offer support over a lifetime of care.

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  • Products*
  • ReadyWrap™ – Adjustable compression wraps
  • SwellSwpots™ – Oedema and Fibrosis pads
  • Ceresia™ – Off-the-shelf bandage liners
  • TributeNight™ – Custom evening Lymphoedema garments
  • Exo™ – Standard and customer compression garments

ReadyWrap™ Adjustable compression wraps
ReadyWrap™ compression garments make it easy to achieve clinically effective levels of compression, and offers the support patients need to manage their condition.. The adjustable compression garments are for patients with venous and lymphatic diseases in arms and legs.

  • Empowers the patient to selfcare
  • Easy to use, apply and adjust - even with arthritic hands
  • Low-profile design allows patients to wear their usual footwear 
  • Improved concordance – well tolerated by patients
  • Cost-effective alternative to bandaging via self-care
  • Saves time – reduces the need for clinic visits
  • Short stretch Properties, therapeutic working and tolerable lower resting pressure
  • 50% overlapping straps for oedema containment and control

To discover more about ReadyWrap™ visit www.SupportforLife.com

SwellSpots ™ Oedema and fibrosis pads
SwellSpots are professionally designed oedema and fibrosis pads available in a wide range of versatile shapes and sizes that tuck into compression garments or under bandages.

  • Foam technology helps soften tissue fibrosis and hardened skin
  • Creates multi-point compression profiles which help encourage lymphatic re absorption
  • Versatile shapes and sizes available off-the-shelf

Caresia™ Off-the-shelf bandage liners
Caresia™ garments are off-the-shelf bandage liners designed by medical professionals to simplify and enhance standard bandaging techniques by eliminating under layers of traditional bandaging. Caresia™ garments will save you and your patients time, while enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

  • Foam technology helps soften tough fibrotic tissue while remaining gentle on skin
  • Comfortable and wickable fabric
  • Bandage over the top with a short stretch bandage, such aas Rosidal K to apply compression
  • Upper and lower extremity garments

TributeNight™Custom evening Lymphoedema garments
TributeNight™ custome therapeutic garments provide lymphoedema and oedema therapy to patients during the evening and night. TributeNight garments replace nightly multi-layer bandaging and offer easy solution to maintain success.

  • Helps maintain reduced volume and shape by supporting extremities and torso
  • Assists in softening of indurated/fibrotic tissue
  • Large range of garment styles with optional features to enhance patient compliance

Exo™ Standard and custom compression garments
Exo garments provide a full range of ready-to-wear solutions for your patients unique needs. From ExoStrong ready-to-wear gradient compression garments for maximum containment to ExoFusion for focused compression over the foot, there’s an Expo for everyone.

  • Full range of custom and ready-to-wear gradient compression garments
  • Flat-knit and circular knit options for lower and upper limbs
  • Choose the style and knit structure that best suits your patient