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Made-to-Measure VENOSAN® Flat-Knit Stockings

Made-to-measure VENOSAN® flat-knit stockings

Flat Knit Compression Garments from VENOSAN® Always the right choice.

The addition of VENOSAN Flat to the VENOSAN range, means that we are now able to provide a complete range of compression garments – offering high quality compression solutions for lymphatic & vascular conditions.

Why choose VENOSAN®

extremely high quality, made-to-measure compression garments
  • design, fabric and manufacturing
  • RAL certified
  • Oeko-Tex Standard 100
    a comprehensive range of upper & lower extremity garments 3 types of fabrics – enhanced ability to select the fabric that best suits your patient’s needs
  • VENOSAN Soft
  • VENOSAN Strong

The 3 VENOSAN Flat fabrics – ability to select the most appropriate fabric for your patient

Providing patient comfort and concordance with a softer fabric – whilst delivering effective compression.
extremely soft & durable easy to don & doff
latex free class 1–3 low to medium stiffness

Providing the fabric stiffness ideal for containing chronic oedema and lymphoedema, whilst maintaining patient comfort and concordance.
smooth & durable increased containment easy to don & doff class 2 & 3
medium stiffness

Providing patients with the highest in fabric stiffness, ideal for patients who are requiring high level of containment.
smooth & durable relatively breathable highest containment latex free
class 3 & 4 high stiffness